Why Freshness is Key in Your Pet’s Nutrition

Pet Wants is more than just the name of our company. It’s also a guiding principle of the food blends we offer. Specifically, we make sure that our food is developed in a way that best serves what pet’s bodies want and need to be as healthy as possible. By taking this approach with our food, we’re able to offer foods that are great for pets who range from puppies and kittens all the way to senior dogs and cats. Read More

Why We Don’t Put Corn in Our Pet Food

At Pet Wants, we’re 100% committed to making the absolute best food for dogs and cats of all ages. One of the steps we’ve taken to accomplish this goal is to not put corn in our pet food. Since we receive plenty of questions about why we don’t include this common ingredient, we thought it would be helpful to use this blog post to share the list of reasons: Read More