Boarding Your Dog in Cincinnati


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Planning to go out of town? If so, boarding may be the best way to take care of your dog during your time away. While there are other options like having someone dog-sit at your house or hiring a professional for that task, not everyone wants to go down that route. Additionally, quality boarding facilities can offer advantages that may not be available with other options. That’s why we want to expand on what great dog boarding has to offer, along with two Cincinnati dog boarding facilities that live up to very high standards.

Key Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

The first big benefit of boarding your dog while you’re away is complete peace of mind. Even if you had someone checking on your dog twice a day, there’s still a chance something could go wrong or your dog could do something like destroy furniture. With boarding, you’ll know that your dog is in a safe and supervised environment 24 hours a day.

Another benefit of boarding is your dog will stay stimulated while you’re away. Instead of being bored and anxious at home, your dog will get to play and enjoy lots of fun distractions. Boarding also offers specialized care. So whether it’s a health issue or some other specific need, a boarding facility will have the staff and resources needed to provide your dog with the care it deserves. And because boarding is handled by experienced professionals, it means you won’t have to put a responsibility on the shoulders of friends or family that they may actually feel anxious about being able to properly manage.

2 Great Options for Dog Boarding in Cincinnati

If you decide that dog boarding is the right fit for your specific needs, we highly recommend Blue Dog K9 Care. This is the Cincinnati dog boarder we personally use. What makes Blue Dog so great is by intentionally limiting the number of clients they accept, the company is able to offer a truly high level of care that’s personalized to exactly what a dog needs. Boarding starts at $27 a day. Blue Dog offers pick-up and drop-off service, along with fitness & nutrition programs, as well as grooming & styling.

In addition to overnight boarding, Blue Dog also offers a day care program. Another great Cincinnati dog day care and boarding provider is Dog Day Every Day. Dog Day provides a fun and safe environment where dogs can get all the attention and exercise they need to feel their best. This excellent facility provides full dog day care for as little as $15 a day.

By knowing what is most important to you from a boarding facility and comparing a few local options in Cincinnati, you can find the right place for your dog to feel secure and happy whenever you have to travel out of town. – Pet Wants Cincy

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